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Marketing and Business Consulting

The best way Dan Samms and Roaring Pages can help you is by partnering with you to maximize business revenue by implementing marketing systems that make you money right away and help you make money long-term.  We have the knowledge and experience to turn your business into the money making machine you've always wanted it to be.  

Dan meets with you and your key leaders on a weekly basis (by phone, video, or in person) to customize proven business systems as you go.  In addition, he uses a variety of proven tools in the process.  


Weekly Marketing and Business Consulting Meeting

Doing market research, auditing your business (especially as it relates to revenue generation), and implementing a website and other systems is just groundwork.  The most valuable part of working with Dan Samms and Roaring Pages is your weekly, one hour consulting meeting.  Dan brings his expertise to you every week, helping you make more and more money every week.  He will help you target your market, use proven systems to generate leads, and help you close on them.  Then, when you are selling as much as you think you can, he helps you implement new products and services that help you find more money you didn't know you were leaving on the table.  


Competitive Intelligence Report

One of the first steps in our process is to do a Competitive Intelligence Report for your business, researching the market, your competition, and where you stand.  This gives us vital information for overcoming the competition and dominating the market.  

Value: $1,997


Confidential Business Audit

We do an in-depth audit of your business that identifies the hurdles to revenue generation, and gives us a clear picture of what we need to change to prepare you to process the business that is coming your way.  

Value: $2,357


Website and Marketing Systems

We build you a beautiful website, integrated with a variety of important marketing tools in accordance with your companies unique needs.  Sometimes that is an email client, sometimes that's a CRM.  Whatever you need, we bring the technological expertise to make it happen. 

Value $10,000+


Dan works with a variety of businesses from doctors and bestselling authors to developers and artists.  Have a look at a few of our clients.


Roaring Pages makes beautiful websites for businesses and non-profits.  More than beautiful, our websites implement proven marketing systems that help you connect with clients and generate revenue.  We develop the best copy, implement powerful, Search Engine Optimization, integrate forms, and connect email marketing tools to give you a powerful website that will do more than share information.  Our websites connect you with clients and generate sales.